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Food Not Bombs: Bringing Shelter to Las Vegas

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

At the beginning of 2019, approximately 7,169 members of the Las Vegas community were experiencing homelessness - this total includes family households, unaccompanied young adults, Veterans, and individuals with chronic illnesses ( These numbers are alarming, and that's exactly why Food Not Bombs Las Vegas originally started their movement.

Food Not Bombs Las Vegas' principles, based in leaderless consensus and nonviolent direct action, oppose the criminalization of poor and hungry people and militarization against them. In order to help combat these issues, Food Not Bombs LV has focused on the two key elements needed to protect the more vulnerable members of our community - shelter and food.

Food Not Bombs LV is providing solutions by building tiny mobile homes for those who are in need of shelter. At U.M.O.K., where the materials are also stored, Food Not Bombs LV and other activists from the Las Vegas area come together every week to build mobile homes for just $600 each! What a small price to pay to keep our neighbors safe.

With the winter months quickly approaching shelter is absolutely essential, and Food Not Bombs LV is working tirelessly to house as many homeless community members as possible. In addition to building tiny mobile homes, Food Not Bombs LV is still providing their original services, which include working with grocery stores and restaurants across the valley to recover food that would otherwise be thrown away and using it to provide hot, nutritious vegetarian meals to those in need. You can catch them every Sunday at 11:00am at Mayfair Place Park (417 S. 15th St, Las Vegas, NV 89101), behind the fire station, giving out meals to anyone who is hungry without restriction.

Do you want to organize kindness with Food Not Bombs LV? It's easy - just head over to! There you can read more about how to donate funds and even what donated items are urgently needed now for COVID-19 relief, including but not limited to PPE and personal cleanser/disinfectant.

Check out this FOX5 Las Vegas News highlight about the Food Not Bombs Las Vegas tiny mobile home movement, and be sure to stop by Food Not Bombs Las Vegas' Facebook (Food Not Bombs Las Vegas) and Instagram (@foodnotbombslasvegas) pages for more information!


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